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Dr. Cori Rodriguez

Dr. Cori Rodriguez is a former Army Combat Medic who transitioned into health care to promote family and individual wellness.  She believes that health is multifaceted and takes courage and strength to achieve especially in individuals with adverse health issues. Dr. Rodriguez believes that health is something to strive for on a daily basis.

Dr. Rodriguez loves to research chemistry, biology and quantum physics in her spare time.  She also loves to surf, bike ride in the remote areas, garden and camp with her family who she says has always been her foundation and support.

Our Team

Under the direction of our physician Medical Director and Dr. Cori Rodriguez we guarantee you’re in the best hands! 

Our priority is making sure you leave feeling better, renewed and satisfied. 

Our registered nurse is highly trained and has years of experience in the ER and ICU setting. We strive to make your visit comfortable as possible with our reclining chairs so you can sit back relax and enjoy your drip.

Our health philosophy is the belief that each individual can achieve optimal health but it starts by acquiring knowledge of how the brain and body work so each person can make informed decisions on a daily basis on what they need to do to reach their optimal health goals.

Our goal is to disseminate in the form of Youtube videos scientific research that discusses exactly how the brain and bodywork help individuals better understand what they can do to achieve their optimal health goals.

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